When Does breast milk Come in After birth, Factors for delay and tips

When Does breast milk Come in After delivery

When Does breast milk Come in After birth, Factors for delay and tips : Breastmilk is very essential for your baby after her birth. You should feed the colostrum secreted from your milk within an hour of your baby is born. Colostrum contains immunologic components and has numerous other benefits.

If you are a mother for the second time, breast milk might start coming in sooner as the breast remembers from the first time. First-time moms take more time from three to five days.

You will be feeding only colostrum in the initial few days, as your milk will come in later. Colostrum alone is enough for your baby as her stomach will be small for an initial period.

When does breast milk come in after birth?

You will be surprised to know that a new mother starts producing milk even before the birth of her baby. Or rather, during pregnancy, milk begins to form in a woman’s body. The first milk produced in a woman’s body is called colostrum, it develops in the breasts at about 12-18 weeks of pregnancy. And this colostrum is produced soon after the baby is born or in some women within a few days of birth.

A child consumes this colostrum immediately after birth. This colostrum contains carbohydrates, proteins and antibodies. It also has laxative-like properties that help prevent meconium and jaundice. But babies usually drink only half an ounce of it in the first 24 hours on average.

When Does breast milk Come in After birth
When does breast milk come in after birth?

After the birth of a baby, women’s hormones change and the process of sucking the baby increases blood flow to the breasts, resulting in faster production of milk in a new mother. And during the first month of the baby the nature of milk changes twice. That is why it is said that whether your milk comes out or not, you continue to breastfeed the child because milk starts forming in the breasts due to continuous breastfeeding of the child.

First of all, colostrum comes out from the mother’s breasts, which is a thick yellow color. The change in milk takes place after 2-5 days of giving birth. This modified milk is creamy in texture and rich in protein.

Mostly it has been seen that after becoming a mother for the second time, a woman’s milk comes much sooner than the first time.

Here are some Factors for Delayed Breast Milk production

Factors that delay the production of breast milk

Some women don’t develop or make very little milk after childbirth, or even after a few days, so don’t worry. The main reason for this could be the unique birth and postpartum conditions that may result in your body needing a few extra days.

Some of the possible reasons for the delay in the production of breast milk are:

  • Pre-mature birth of baby
  • You have had a stressful pregnancy or emergency cesarean section
  • woman’s polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or be obese
  • being under severe stress or overthinking
  • Getting too much rest or not being active during pregnancy
  • thyroid in women
  • being unable to breastfeed soon after childbirth or within a few hours
  • You have diabetes or had gestational diabetes. Sugar levels may fluctuate affecting the efficient flow of breast milk. The more you need, the faster sugar levels will stabilize and your breast will make more milk
  • Occasional blocks might hamper the milk flow
  • Another reason breastmilk takes longer to come in is if your placenta was retained. This happens when fragments of the placenta are left in your womb and it can interfere with the release of breast milk the symptoms of this include continued heavy bleeding and cramps in the stomach. Tell your doctor as soon as possible if you experience this. Your doctor might suggest surgery to remove the fragments.

Tips to produce more breast milk naturally

Your breasts make milk on demand for your baby, so the more she feeds, the more you will produce. Skin-to-skin contact with your baby goes a long way in helping, as your baby can feed as often as she wants. This will encourage your milk to come in quicker too.

Having a healthy diet also helps in a good supply of milk. Include Garlic, cumin seeds, fenugreek and Fennel in your diet.

Follow Breastfeeding Techniques & Breastfeeding Position for New Born. Read detailed information here.

Worrying will not help. It will only affect the feeding. Stay happy and feed well!!

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