Cocopeat: What is Cocopeat, 5 Benefits, Method, Amazing Uses, Price, Farming

Cocopeat: What is Cocopeat, 5 Benefits, Method, Amazing Uses, Price, Farming Nowadays, in this changing phase, along with vegetables and fruits made with adulterated chemicals, we are including contaminated air in our daily routine. Due to which we are inviting many diseases somewhere. The main reason for this is the ever-increasing population and additional harvesting of trees and plants.

In view of this, nowadays people’s faith in organic gardening is growing more than ever before. Organic farming can not only plant pure vegetables and medicines (eg, basil, Giloy, asparagus, ashwagandha useful plants), but also prevent the air around you from getting contaminated.

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If you too are interested in gardening and have some locations (such as a gallery, terrace or vacant plot) etc., through this article today, we will show you a great way to do better gardening with soil and without soil. , So stay tuned with us.

What is Cocopeat? What is Coconut Fiber or Cocofiber?

We often want to do gardening, but due to enough soil or fewer soil problems, we cannot. In roof gardening, we face the most problem, because in roof gardening we also have to maintain the proper weight.

In this case, the technique of using cocopeat is a good option. What is Cocopeat? Read this post to know it. Cocopeat is also known as coconut peat or coconut fiber, which is the best sub-type of soil. Cocopeat is an artificial soil prepared from outer shell powder and coconut manure, mixed directly with the soil. The fiber present in coconut has the ability to purify the environment by absorbing large amounts of gases. This is beneficial not only for your plant but also for the environment. Let’s know in detail

Method of using Cocopeat And how to use Cocopeat?

  • This Cocopeat is available in 1,2,5,7 kg brick sizes. Depending on your usage and consumption, you can buy it online or off-line by going to the nursery.
  • It costs around Rs 30-50 per kg. One kg of Cocopeat is soaked in a vessel for 8 hours in 5-7 kg of water.
  • This Cocopeat absorbs all the water and swells and spreads to a size that is sufficient for about 12-15 pots mixed with soil in half and can be used for about 7 pots without soil.
  • The pH level present in it is around 5.7 to 6.5 which is good for plant growth.

Uses of Cocopeat or Benefits of Cocopeat:

Uses of Cocopeat or Benefits of Cocopeat:
Uses of Cocopeat or Benefits of Cocopeat
  • Nutrient and chemical properties: – Talking about the properties and nutrients of Cocopeat, it contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and zinc, etc., which helps the plant to grow quickly.
  • Fully Organic (100% Organic) – Cocopeate ie coco coir contains a high amount of fiber, which is more natural than any chemical soil available in the market. It is completely environmentally friendly.
  • Moisture required in soil – Often we get frequent water loss due to direct sunlight in the pots placed on the roof, it is not possible to water the plants repeatedly on the roof and the plants start drying up. With the use of Cocopeat, the fiber fibers present in it hold (absorb) water for a longer time than soil. Due to this, watering the plants only once or twice is sufficient.
  • Planting Seeds and Increasing Oxygen Level – Cocopeat has excessive moisture and it is anti-fungal due to granular coarse fiber particles. Which makes the process of planting sprouts and seedlings faster than the soil.
  • Making hard soil granular and polly- Sometimes the soil of the pot is not suitable as per the plants and becomes dry and solidified due to which the plants start drying up. By adding 50 percent of this artificially prepared soil to the dry soil, the granular fiber of coconut helps to make it poly by increasing the mineral level in the dry soil.

What is Cocopeat? Now you will know it well. In this way, all of you can also fulfill your hobby of gardening better through this artificial soil Cocopeat. By using it again and again, you will get rid of the mess of watering, as well as the growth of plants will be good.

You can also bring Kokopit, use and share your experience with us through the comment box below. If you have any other way to do gardening at home other than cocopeat, then you can also share it with us.

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