Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo Review, Benefits-Best for Post Covid Hairfall

Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo Review, Benefits-Best for Post Covid Hairfall: If any kind of fever lasts for 7-8 days, then hair loss is usually seen. Similarly, after Corona, problems like hair loss have also started appearing. In such a situation, many people ask whether there is a problem of hair loss after Covid? So dear readers, I would say yes! Because today I am also suffering from the Post Covid Hair Fall. And this hair fall is not common as it usually occurs in many women and men during Monsoon Season. Post covid hair fall is scarier than that.

I have noticed 30-40% reduction in my hair. Many people like me have experienced this, and even dermatologists say they have seen a rise in such cases during the Corona period. Dermatologists say that after Corona, physical weakness and stress during Corona increase hair fall and affect hair by 20-40%.

Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo
Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo Review

Stuti Khare Shukla, MD Dermatologist, in her interview to, said that the problem of hair loss is common after covid. ” 70-80% of corona patients will face hair loss after getting infected. It usually takes 2-4 months to recover. And this type of hair problem is called ‘telogen effluvium,'” she says.

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Now, how to reduce Post covid-19 hair fall or how to get rid of this problem. So friends, that’s why today I will share my personal experience with all of you that how I am fighting the hair fall issue after covid-19. But first of all I would like to say here that all the information given here is related to my personal experience. Please consult your dermatologist before you adopt all these solutions.

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So friends, first of all, I will tell you that during Corona or after Corona the most important thing you have to do is to follow a healthy diet. It will help if you take all the nutrients in your food. For that, you need to take green vegetables, eggs, fish, and foods rich in omega and protein. And don’t take stress at all because stress increases hair fall, which happened with me too.

Apart from this, today I will give you all the details about a magical shampoo named “Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo” which is recommended to me by my dermatologist to reduce my hair fall problem. So let’s know, what are Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo and its benefits?

What is Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo?

Before describing what exactly is Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo, I would like to tell you all that whenever you choose any medicinal product for your skin or hair, go for Ayurvedic products only as they are always gentle. Chemical products can sometimes cause harm.

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Now move on to Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo. Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo is a purely Ayurvedic shampoo that reduces hair fall and activates the hair roots to make hair longer and thicker. Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo is enriched with Biotin, Caffeine and other Ayurvedic ingredients that energize, nourish and strengthen the hair roots from the inside.

Most dermatologists recommend Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo for both men and women with hair problems such as “androgenetic alopecia”. As my dermatologist advised me to use Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo for Post Covid Hairfall.


Trigaine caffeine shampoo ingredients
Trigaine caffeine shampoo ingredients

Manufactured by     

Hans Herbal Pvt. Ltd., Haridwar, UP (India)

Marketed By:

Apple Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (India)

Qty and Price

200 ML / Rs. 723/-

Shelf Life

3 years

Key Ingredients

Biotin, Arginine & Caffeine

Instructions for use:

Massage it well into lightly wet hair, then leave it on for 2-5 minutes and wash off thoroughly.

Benefits of Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo
Benefits of Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo

Benefits of Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo

Biotin, also known as vitamin B-7, is one of the important vitamins in the B-complex, which is considered the life-giving vitamin for hair. Biotin contributes to healthy hair. Biotin maintains the strength of the hair roots and is also helpful in accelerating the rate of hair growth.

Arginine maintains an amino acid found around hair follicles that helps strengthen fragile hair. Reduces hair fall too

Caffeine maintains the behavior of hair follicles. And helps in hair growth and new hair growth.

Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo texture
Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo texture


Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo is easily available in all medical shops and Online store. Buy Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo here upto 30% Discount..


  • Anti-hair fall shampoo
  • Makes hair strong.
  • Provides nutrition.
  • Very good for hair growth.
  • Strengthen the hair follicles.

Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo Review and My personal experience

I had Corona in April 2021. And about 2 months after that i.e. in June 2021, my hair fall problem started. Initially, I thought that it is just a simple hair fall that I often get during monsoons, but this problem gradually started getting worse. My hair started falling about four times more and gradually I lost 40 to 50% of my hair. When I consulted my doctor, he told me that hair fall has become common nowadays.

And about 90% of the people who have been cured of Corona see the problem of hair fall. For this my doctor told me that I have to eat food rich in zinc, iron. Along with this, I also have to eat biotin rich food like fish, egg and cucumber etc. and the doctor also advised me to take a light walk daily. The doctor also advised me to use Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo.

So let’s talk about Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo. The doctor forbade me to apply oil on my hair because applying oil in monsoons leads to more hair fall. Instead of oiling, you can add a little honey and vitamin E to the onion juice and apply it to the hair and after half an hour you can wash the hair with Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo.

If you are using Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo then you have to wait a little bit for its results, Caffeine Shampoo will not do any magic this miracle in 2 or 3 days. As my doctor told me that the hair has become weak or has lost its roots, the hair will fall, so do not worry about it. The thing to think about is how to make you grow new hair instead of falling hair, Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo Shampoo works very well. I have been using this shampoo for almost a month and believe me I am getting very good results from it. Now I feel that my hair fall has reduced a lot and new hair has also come.

Along with using Trigaine Caffeine Shampoo, you have to pay attention to your diet. Fried and spicy food should be stopped completely. It is necessary to add Iron, Zinc, Biotin & vitamin A & D content fruit, salad in your diet and exercise in your daily routine. Trigaine Shampoo is really effective for hair but at the same time take care of your health and diet and be happy.

Note: Please consult your dermatologist before you adopt all these solutions.

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