Top 5 Vitamin C Serums: Boost Your Skin’s Radiance and Health

Top 5 Vitamin C Serums: Boost Your Skin’s Radiance and Health-Hello, beauties! Vitamin C serum has gained immense popularity in the world of skincare because of its ability to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. Packed with antioxidants, these Vitamin C serums help to fight free radicals, boost collagen production, and even out skin tone. This article will teach us about the top 5 Vitamin C serums that have received good user reviews. From their main ingredients to benefits, price and where to buy, we bring you a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

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Top 5 Vitamin C Serums in India with Detailed info about price, ingredients, benefits, pros & Cons

Derma Co 10% Vitamin C Face Serum

The Derma Co 10% Vitamin C serum + 5% niacinamide + hyaluronic acid is an amazing skincare product created specifically to give your skin a radiant glow, fade away hyperpigmentation, and enhance its texture. With a powerful combination of ingredients, this serum includes a remarkable 10% L-ascorbic acid, a potent form of Vitamin C that is widely recognized for its exceptional antioxidant properties.

Derma Co 10% Vitamin C serum
Derma Co 10% Vitamin C serum

Ingredients: Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid

Benefits: Reduces signs of ageing, Retains moisture, Promotes collagen production, Improves skin tone, clarity and elasticity (You can read its detailed information here).

Price: Rs. 649/- for 30 ml (Buy here upto 50% Discount)

Where to Buy: Available on the Derma co website, popular online marketplaces and online platforms

Pros: Effective for dehydrated skin, Contains powerful antioxidants, Reasonably priced

Cons: None

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Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Serum

Welcome! Let me tell you about an incredible serum that’s considered among the top vitamin C serums in India. This serum is truly remarkable as it not only aids in smoothing out fine lines but also works wonders in brightening your skin and enhancing your overall complexion. How impressive is that?

Ingredients: Vitamin C, Besides, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, basil extract, and glycerin

Benefits: Brightens skin, Reduces hyperpigmentation, Increases collagen production

Price: Rs. 2,195 for 30 ml

Where to Buy: Available on the official website and at

Pros: High concentration of Vitamin C, Added antioxidants for enhanced benefits, Suitable for all skin types.

Cons:  Expensive.

St.Botanica Vitamin C 20% E & Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum

This serum is a one-stop shop for all of your skin care needs, with ingredients that can help to brighten, firm, hydrate, and protect your skin.

Ingredients: High concentration of vitamin C (20%), vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and ferulic acid.

Benefits: Evens skin tone, Reduces inflammation, Shrinks pores, repair the damaged skin, Rejuvenates and plump up the skin, fights signs of aging.

Top 5 Vitamin C Serums
St.Botanica Vitamin C Serum (

Price: Rs. 1,199 for 20 ml (Buy it in Rs. 908/- click here)

Where to buy: Available on the St. botanica website and at select beauty stores and some online platforms.

Pros: Affordable, Contains Organic Aloe Vera & Niacinamide for added benefits, Suitable for sensitive skin

Cons: none

Garnier Bright complete Vitamin C Serum 

This is a good option for those with sensitive skin. It contains 10% vitamin C,  which is low than other brand’s serums, but it is still effective at brightening and firming the skin.

Ingredients: Niacinamide, Glycerin, Lemon fruit Extracts

Benefits: Fades dark spots, Improves skin texture, Provides deep hydration

Price: 549/- for 30 ml (Check Discounted Price)

Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum
Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum

Where to Buy: Available on the official website and at reputed online retailers

Pros: Excellent consistency, Unique form of Vitamin C with luxurious texture, Suitable for dry and mature skin

Cons: Budget Friendly

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% is a highly concentrated vitamin C serum that is very affordable. It contains 23% L-ascorbic acid, which is a high concentration, but it may be too strong for some skin types.

Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Squalane Witch Botanical Extracts

Benefits: Brightens skin, Diminishes fine lines, Soothes irritated skin

Price: Rs. 700/- for 30 ml (Check Discounted Price)

Where to Buy: Available on the Ordinary website, at major beauty retailers and online store.

Pros: Affordable option, silicone-free, soothing ingredients for sensitive skin, versatile for day and night use, water-free.

Cons: None


When it comes to choosing the suitable vitamin C serum for your skincare routine, it’s essential to consider your specific needs, skin type, and budget. Each of the top 5 vitamin C serums mentioned above offers unique benefits, ingredients, and price points to meet a variety of skincare concerns. Whether you’re looking to even out your complexion, reduce hyperpigmentation, or reduce the signs of ageing, there’s a serum on this list that just might fit your needs.

Remember to do a patch test before adding a new serum to your routine, and consult your dermatologist if you get any skin issues. Additionally, follow the directions provided by the manufacturer for best results.

Investing in a quality Vitamin C serum can be a game-changer for the health and glow of your skin. So, choose the serum that best suits your needs, and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant, youthful complexion. Best Wishes for Your Skin Care Journey!

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