Skin Tightening Foods: 5 Best Foods for face and skin

Skin Tightening Foods: 5 Best Foods for face and skin

Your food makes your skin! Yes, it’s 100% true. Skin shows your food habits. The food we eat has a great impact on our skin and body. Research shows that (Oregon State university) our food nutrition has a big effect on our skin’s health and appearance.

Nutrition is the key to healthy skin and body. Unhealthy food and lifestyle can cause weight gain, aging and even damage your skin texture, your metabolism and organs such as your heart and liver. It’s clear that what you eat can significantly affect the health and aging of your skin.

This article takes a look at 5 of the best foods for making your skin tight and healthy.

Skin Tightening Foods: 5 Best Foods for face and skin

1. Citrus Fruits like Orange, sweet lime, lemon and Indian Gooseberry  

Uneven skin tone, aging, face marks, fine lines, acne scars and dullness these are the main issue which we all are facing nowadays. But not to worry as vitamin C is a recommended treatment. Fruits like orange, sweet lime, lemon and Indian Gooseberry is the best source of vitamin C.

The Study by Oregon University proved that vitamin C actually encourages accelerated production of collagen,  helps your immune system and makes skin tighten as well.

2. Eat Enough Lean Protein like Soy, skim milk, low-fat yogurt, tofu and low-fat cottage cheese

Skin Tightening Foods 5 Best Foods for face and skin
Skin Tightening Foods: 5 Best Foods for face and skin

Taking a good amount of lean protein in your diet every day helps to maintain your weight and staying lean and healthy.

One small study involving middle-aged women found that eating soy isoflavones every day for 8–12 weeks reduced fine wrinkles and improved skin elasticity.

Consuming protein is very healthy but foods high in protein can also be high in fat like dairy products and cottage cheese it is advisable to please avoid this food instead of that you can have soy, pulses, kidney beans, chicken, fish, skim milk, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables like Broccoli and cabbage

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and kale, help to firm loose skin which you can have raw in the form of salad and can also prepare the soup.

Cruciferous vegetables contain Vitamin C, Zinc and selenium that contribute to the elasticity of your skin & increase collage production.

According to some studies, broccoli contains a special compound called sulforaphane, which boasts some impressive potential benefits. It may even have anti-cancer effects, including some types of skin cancer.

4.  Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds

Nuts and Seeds are very rich in skin-boosting nutrients and sunflower and pumpkin seed are the best examples.

As per some research 28 grams of sunflower seeds packs 49% of the DV for vitamin E, 41% of the DV for selenium, 14% of the DV for zinc, and 5.5 grams of protein.

Further pumpkin seeds are enriched with fatty acids and Omega 3, that helps your skin nice and tight.

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Skin Tightening Foods: 5 Best Foods for face and skin

5.Water-The Secret of Glowing and Healthy skin

Water is the key to good health and glowing skin. In our body every cell, tissue and organ needs water to work properly.

Water helps us to hydrate the whole day and it keeps our temperature normal. It Lubricates and cushions joints and protects sensitive tissues

As per some of dermatologist’s research, water makes our skin glowing and healthy. It can even prevent ‘sunken eyes’

So how much fluid does the average? As per the doctors, 3.7 liters of water for men and 2.7 liters of water for women are recommended. You’ve probably heard the advice, “Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.” That’s easy to remember, and it’s a reasonable goal.

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