Raaga De-Tan Tan removal Cream Review-Good for Skin

Raaga De-Tan Tan removal Cream Review-Best for Skin: Hello friends, today I bring to you one such product mostly used in salons to give you flawless effect but at a high price. But once you have this product in hand, there is no need for you to waste money at the salon. Just buy it and use it at your home.

Today we will try to provide you with detailed information, review and my personal experience with Raga Professional De-Tan Tan Removal Cream but before going into this, let us know what Detan is? Why is it needed?

What is Detan Cream

If you are a working person or a housemaker, your face is exposed to sunlight. And we all know that sun exposure leads to tanning or uneven partial tanning and dryness of the skin. De-Tan Cream is a product that removes uneven partial tanning on the skin of the face and body. The biggest thing is that its use does not change facial hair colour; that is, de-tan cream does not bleach the face and is not harmful to the skin.

Why is Detan needed?

After getting exposed to UV radiations, the skin releases melanin under the skin’s surface layer, resulting Tan, uneven skin tone or pigmentation. Here The de-tan cream starts its work. De-Tan decreases damage caused by UV, clears up the skin and reduces Tan, dark spots and pigmentation caused by sun exposure. The de-tan cream is also good for improving skin clarity, visibly fairer, make skin soft and smooth.

About Raaga Professional  De-Tan Tan Removal Cream

Raaga De-Tan Tan removal Cream Review
Raaga De-Tan Tan removal Cream Review

Raag De-Tan Cream is formulated for sun tanned skin. It is enriched with natural active substances like honey, milk, lemon, tomato, bilberry, grapefruit extracts and essential oils. It has kojic acid, which helps prevent the formation of melanin and lightens the skin tone on regular usage. Raaga De-Tan has a unique tan removal formula that helps lighten the dark spots and blemishes due to sun exposure on the skin. This product is unique, has no side effects on the face and does not have any colour lifting effect like bleach.

Raaga Professional De Tan With Kojic And Milk Review
Raaga Professional De Tan With Kojic And Milk

Raaga  De-Tan Cream packing, Qty, price, shelf life and more

  • Brand Name:  Raaga Professional De-Tan Removal Cream with kojic and milk -For A Radiant Skin
  • Quantity & Price: Available in Two Sizes 12g each x 6 Sachets Rs. 264/- &  500g Box Rs. 995/-                            
  •  Availability: Easily available on cosmetic stores and online platforms.  (to buy it on up to 30-40% discount CLICK HERE)
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Skin Type: suitable for all Skin Types
  • Paraben Free: Yes
  • Packaging: It comes in silver sachets. Easy to Use.Travel Friendly.
  • Manufactured by: CavinKare Private Ltd., Puducherry
  • Marketed by: CavinKare Private Ltd. Chennai


Raaga Detan ingredients
Raaga Detan ingredients


  • Gives glowing skin
  • Help remove Tan
  • Make skin soft and smooth.
  • Do not bleach facial hair.
  • Safe for skin.
  • Enriched with natural ingredients helps to nourish the skin.

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How to use

  • After wiping the face thoroughly with wet cotton, clean it with a cleanser.
  • Apply Raga Professional De-Tan Cream all over the face with the help of a brush, but keep it away from the eyes.
  • Keep it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently massage in a circular motion and then clean the face with wet cotton.

Raaga De-Tan Tan removal Cream Review and My Personal Experience

I hardly go to the salon for my skin treatment because I always go for my home remedies for tan and facial.  Last month I went to the parlour for my co-sister’s facial, I found that they charged an extra Rs.600/- just for de-tanning. And they did this before the facial treatments. At that time, I thought of buying this product.

Price and Availability:

Raaga DeTan is very good and effective on Tanned Skin. After a search on the Internet, I found that Raaga also comes in Small Saches pack 12gx6 in Just Rs. 264/-, ((to buy it on up to 30-40% discount CLICK HERE)) bigger bottle of 500/- is also available but I will suggest you buy small sachets pack as it is budget and maybe enough for a year for one person.


Raaga Detan Cream Texture
Raaga Detan Cream Texture /Raaga De-Tan Tan removal Cream Review

The product is pale white and comes in a cream texture. The cream is smooth, easy to apply, and spread on the face. One sachet can be applied twice.


Raag Detan comes in two variants. The 500 gm cream bottle comes in a dull white colour with a screw cap of black. And the smaller 12gx6 pouches come in a smaller paper carton. Each 12 g pouch is made of silver-coloured foil. Easy and safe to use, and the best part is that it travels friendly too.

My Experience

The main reason to buy this product is that it is free from ammonia and paraben. Also pocket and budget-friendly. When I used it for the first time, I did not find the magical and luminous glow claimed by Raaga. But yes, it is effective and gentle on the skin. Bleach removes tan and changes facial hair colour, so bleach has a flawless effect on the skin but is also harmful. Raag Detan does not colour your facial hair, and it only works on the skin.

One major suggestion I would like to give here is to use Raag Detan just before the facial to get the best results, and I promise you will get the best results out of it. I use it every 15 days but if you are working then use it once a week.


Beneficial for all skin types, both men and women. It has a very nice, smooth, gentle effect on the skin and visible results. If you have dry skin, then use moisturizer immediately after Detan, and it leaves a MAT effect on the skin, and I also feel a little dryness. Use before facial treatment to get the best results.

Rating : 3.5/5

Hope this complete information will be useful for you. If you like it please share it as much as possible. Please give your valuable suggestions and comments in the comment box.

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