Pillow Hygiene: Know the connection between your health and the pillow

Pillow Hygiene: Know the connection between your health and the pillow -When your pillow is dirty and old, ten percent of its weight is of dusty soil and dead skin cells, which can be harmful to your health. So you should change your pillow every two years according to the hygiene doctor

Do you wash your pillow every month? Do you have trouble washing the pillow? Or you do not know that it is very important to wash the pillow along with the cover. If you have been using the same dirty pillow continuously for the last 6 months, then you are definitely calling for some disease on your hair and face. Let us tell you that it is very important to wash the pillow three to four times a year along with the pillow cover.

pillow hygiene
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Pillows are usually necessary for a good and restful sleep. But do you know how much trouble can be caused by a pillow. Yes! You heard it right Can it affect your health if your pillow is messy?

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Research in Ireland found that 100% of all pillows tested were contaminated with bacteria, 50% by mold and 33% by dust allergies [1]. Fungus and becteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Penicillum and Candida were found among the pillows tested [2].

Dirty pillows can cause wheezing, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, sneezing at bedtime, even dust mites in your pillow can trigger your asthma or allergies.

Pillow Hygiene: How to wash pillow at home?

All of us women can easily clean the pillow cover three to four times a month, but washing the pillow is actually a very difficult task. And I have seen that in many homes people do not wash the pillow, they only wash its cover. And every 2 years, they buy a new pillow. But here I would like to tell you that if you wash the pillow every month, it will save your money. You will not have to buy a new pillow. So now I will tell you how you can wash the pillow easily?

If your pillow is very dirty, or has a stubborn scar on it, you can spray detergent on it, or put a little detergent solution in a bowl and put that paste on the pillow mark. And leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. You can wash the pillow in the drum of the washing machine. Here I would like to mention that if you wash the pillow in the washing machine it is completely safe. But you better wash the pillow by hand. Pillow washing by hands increases the life of the pillow.

Pillow Hygiene: Second way

Second way to wash the pillow is to put it directly into the washing machine. For this, you have to put a small amount of detergent in the detergent dispenser of the washing machine. Because if you add more detergent, then it will create more foam, which will take too much water to wash the pillow. Always keep in mind that whenever you are washing a pillow or cushion, use less detergent while washing them. This will save both water and time.

Urgent Matter

We should wash the pillow once every month. And should be washed at least four to five times a year. Because our hair oil, dandruff, hair and neck sweat and dirt of our hands sticks on the pillow.

Due to which pillows smell very bad. In addition, very harmful bacteria also develop inside it. Many times it happens that our hair starts falling on its own. Unwanted pimples also occur on our forehead or on our face. The direct reason for this is the filthiness of our pillows. That is why we must wash our pillow cover every week and pillow at least once a month.

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