Philips Avent Bottle Review : Natural and Classic

Philips Avent Bottle Review : Natural and Classic– AVENT, Launched  in  1984 ,  is one of the leading  brands of baby  feeding bottles in the UK. AVENT’s Airflex bottles are  long-lasting, easy to change, and easy to clean.  This is one of the most popular products because it’s available in almost every supermarket, pharmacy, and baby shop. It’s more expensive than Tommee Tippee and Dr Brown for teats and similar to Tommee Tippee for the price per bottle.

In addition to the standard 260ml bottles and teats, most brands offer the 330ml ‘Magnum’ – which can also be switched out when baby starts feeding on his own.

  • Manufacture – Philips
  • Brand Name: Avent
  • MRP- Rs. 495/- (Buy here upto 30-50% discount )
  • Size – 260 ML
  • Available Size – 125 ML, 260 ML, 330 ML
  • Material free  –  BPA Free
  • Bottle nipple type – Orthodontic
  • Bottle Type   –  Anti-Colic Bottle
  • Dishwasher safe – No
Philips Avent Bottle Review
Philips Avent Bottle Review

Avent Nipple Review

Starting from its nipple, the nipple is a bit soft but comparing with other nipples it is less soft and after using it a couple of times, it loses again softness so you can say nipple is on an average soft so it may force your baby to put more efforts to suck it. The top hole is single and flow is slow which is good for the baby of small age, younger than 6 months.  The size and shape are good as it is bigger than any normal nipple which helps baby to suck well-imitating mother’s breasts.  Nipple color will be transparent and it turns little opaque after using sometimes.

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Philips Avent Bottle
Avent Nipple Review

Avent Bottle Price Review

The price is not very low but yet affordable in its range. In fact, Philips Avent Classic Bottle is the lowest range milk bottle by Avent. Before buying check for leakage – Caution

Philips Avent Bottle Review

The bottle is made of good plastic that means food grade plastic and it is wide. Due to broader shape, it is very much comfortable to hold and cleaning is just the best thing about Avent Classic Bottle. Using brush around the neck of the bottle, inside and outside is so convenient.  The measurement bars in Oz and ML are very much visible on the bottle surface and one can easily make out the milk consumption of baby and according to address if baby takes less milk. Want to know about lactos free milk Read this also Zerolac Review, Uses, Ingredients, Benefits, Price and more

Experience with Philips Avent Bottle is on average good. The best part is Philips which can be taken as the name of a trust, its product line Avent is for baby care products.  Feeding bottles are as important as baby’s food because baby’s first food is milk and the medium used for food must qualify all standards.

In many experiences by users, it is understood that in Avent Classic Bottle leakage is a very common issue. This bottle has major probabilities of having leakage issue. Therefore, before using it is advisable to check bottle by filling water inside if it has seepage issue.

Before using any feeding bottle it must be sterilized properly else it can cause infection to the baby.

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