4 Most Effective Birth Control Methods: Implant, Ring, Sponge & IUD

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4 Most Effective Birth Control Methods: Implant, Ring, Sponge & IUD: There are number of options available nowadays for birth control but most of us are always confused about what to choose. What’s best among the available birth control method? and its effect is different from person to person. Don’t worry read the full article, you’ll get all the answers.

Birth Control Implant

4 Most Effective Birth Control Methods Birth Control Implant

This is a very thin and small rod kind of matchstick inserted under a woman’s hand skin. This is also known as Implanon and Nexplanon. These implants help to release the hormone named progestin in the female body that helps to prevent pregnancy up to 5 years.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the failure rate for this method is 0.05% only.

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Birth Control Ring

Birth Control Ring

Nuvaring also known as the birth control ring is a flexible circular device that place inside the woman private part for three weeks and should take off during your periods. It slowly releases estrogen and progestin in the blood stream. It is very easy to use, but it can’t protect from STDs.

Birth Control Sponge

Birth Control Sponge

The Birth control sponge is a rounded small sponge made of very soft and squishy plastic. This sponge is inserted inside the woman’s private part before to get sleep with husband. This sponge covers the cervix of women and prevents them from unwanted pregnancy. Another method of preventing sponge pregnancy is the spermicide used in it which are helpful in killing sperm. Due to which sperm also have difficulty in reaching the egg.

4 Most Effective Birth Control Methods

IUD birth control or Copper T 

IUD birth control or Copper T

IUD birth control or Copper T is used to rid prevent of unwanted pregnancy. This option of contraception is said to be useful mainly for women who have become mothers before. Copper T (IUD) is a small device made of copper (copper) and plastic in the shape of T. This device is applied in the uterus of women. Whenever women want to get pregnant again they can easily ejaculate this device.

Once it gets placed properly in the uterus, it starts working. Copper wrapped around this T-shaped device affects the uterus and prevents from conceiving. Copper of this device with the other fluid of the cervix and uterus increases the amount of copper in it which acts as a spermicidal. Due to the destruction of spermatozoa, the egg produced under ovulation in women is not fertilized and it prevents pregnancy.

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