Leafed Biotin 10000 mcg Review: Best biotin tablets for Hair, nails & skin

Leafed Biotin 10000 mcg Review: Best biotin tablets for Hair, nails & skin– Hello friends, how are you all? Today, we will talk about such multivitamins supplement that is very beneficial for your hair, skin and nails. Friends, in today’s hectic life, everyone is busy. No one has enough time to pay attention to the maintenance of their hair, skin and body.

Friends, as we all know that many nutrients are required for our skin, hair and nails, but due to lack of time and lack of information, many people do not know what to eat for their maintenance. And what not?

We all know that since the beginning of 2020 last year till now, there has been a lot of damage due to covid in the whole world. And we ladies are not getting time to go out. Family, children and household chores, almost all the pressure has come on all of us women. Due to this we all are not able to take care of our body and hair.

Leafed Biotin 10000mcg Review
Leafed Biotin 10000 mcg Review

And friends, moreover, I often get a lot of questions in the comment section that what should we do, or which multivitamin should be taken so that our skin remains good, our hair remains healthy, and is also beneficial for the body. So friends, today we have brought a product for all of you which is very beneficial for your hair, skin and nails. By taking just one tablet daily, you will be able to see its effect on your hair, skin and nails in about 3 to 4 weeks.

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Leafed Biotin 10000 mcg

Leafed Biotin 10000 mcg is a tablet that has all the nutrients and vitamins required for the maintenance of our hair, our skin, our nails. Leafedq Biotin 10000 mcg formulated with Vitamin E, A, C, D2, Iron and Zinc which are known as a boon for the good health of hair, skin and nails.


Leafed Biotin Ingredients
Leafed Biotin 10000 mcg Review

Manufactured by            

DM Pharma (WHO-GMP & ISO APPROVED), Baddi, HP, India.

Marketed By:

Alvizia Healthcare p. Ltd., Chandigarh, India

Price & Qty

Rs. 899/- & contains 120 Tablets (to buy upto 50% discount click here)

Key Ingredients

Biotin, Iron, Vit. E & Zinc

Instructions for use:

You can have one Tablet Daily with meals (Please consult your doctor first)

Benefits of Biotin tablets

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H and Vit -7. It is one such important vitamin, which is considered a boon for hair. Biotin is very important for the overall health of the hair. Biotin strengthens the hair roots, making the hair thick, long and shiny.

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Leafed Biotin tablets formulated of Iron, zinc, Vitamin A+, D2, Vit C &  E promote hair growth, Supports Healthy skin, nails and hair, and is beneficial for both Men and Women.


Leafed Biotin 10000 mcg tablets formulated is easily available in all medical shops and online stores. Buy Biotin Tablets here for up to 50% Discount.


  • Inexpensive
  • Free of gluten, fish, yeast.
  • Non-GMO



Leafed Biotin 10000 mcg Review & My Personal Experience

About two months after recovering from corona, I started having a very bad hair fall. Slowly about 70-80% of my hair had fallen out. When I consulted my doctor, he told me to take a biotin supplement and use Trigain Caffeine Shampoo (read Trigain Shampoo review here). The doctor also advised me to eat food rich in zinc, iron and biotin.

So let’s talk but about the Biotin tablet. When I went to my doctor for my hair problems, he told me to eat food rich in biotin, iron and zinc. Also advised to take a walk. Due to a lack of information, we are unable to eat food containing biotin and iron. So for this, the doctor advised me to take supplements containing Biotin, Zinc and Iron.

Biotin 10000 mcg Review…..

Leafed Biotin contains 120 tablets, with 10000 mcg per tablet, which is very beneficial for our hair, maintains glow on our skin, and is very beneficial for our nails and overall body.

Since Leafed Biotin is an Ayurvedic supplement, it may take some time for you to see its effect. You will see a positive response after about 20 to 25 days of its use. If I tell my point, I see the effect after about a month. After about a month of using it, I found that I had started growing new hair on my scalp, and my nails have become better and stronger than before. I saw a positive response on my skin as well.

Friends, let me tell you that if you think that only eating biotin supplements will make your hair good, it is not right. Along with eating a biotin supplement, you also have to pay attention to your routine. It would be best if you go on a walk for about an hour in the morning and evening. Second, you must consult with your doctor before taking biotin, don’t rely on the Internet or anyone says.

Third, some people have a myth about biotin that it causes unwanted hair on your face and on your body, which is wrong. I have been taking biotin for two months. In fact, it has given a great shine to my hair, and the hair growth is also better than before. It has also worked very well on my nails. Apart from this, there is no unwanted hair anywhere on the face and body.

I had bought a biotin supplement online and got it for around ₹450, i.e. 50% discount. If you also want to take it, click on this link. Friends, one more thing, if the cause of your hair loss is not a lack of biotin but something else, then biotin supplementation will not affect you. As far as my doctor is concerned, he had said that for people who are deficient in biotin, biotin supplementation works on them. So here I would say that before taking any biotin supplement, you should know the reason for your hair loss and consult your doctor.

Note: Please consult your dermatologist before you adopt all these solutions.

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