How To Get Rid Of Water Retention And Water Weight – 3 Reasons & 5 Solutions

How To Get Rid Of Water Retention And Water Weight – Know 3 Reasons And 5 Solutions : When it comes to water, first of all it is said that human beings are made up of 60% water and it is only because of this water that we get strength and with this water all our systems run properly. It is the most important nutrient of the body, which is fulfilled only by drinking the right amount of water. Most people consider hydration to be very important, but what if the hydration is too much?

Water retention in the body also causes water weight and bloating, with over-hydration believed to be responsible for many problems. So, how important is the right amount of water, what to do to lose water retention, what to do to reduce swelling in the body? Read this article till the end.

Before knowing more about this, let us take a look at a few things and know what all these things mean.


Dehydration is a condition when the body loses excess fluids, and due to this, the body is unable to function properly. It is more common in children, older people and can occur at any intensity, from low to high. Water keeps coming out of the body through tears, sweat, urine, spit.

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If water is abundant in the body, then this case happens. Overhydration can be caused by a medical condition and can lead to hyponatremia in the bloodstream, and is a very serious situation. Too much water in the body can also cause flatulence, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache etc.

Water Retention / Water weight

Water weight is the bodyweight that comes due to water retention, where fluid collects in your organs. This is a normal process, and it is also called bloating in simple language. If the water weight remains constant, it can be a kidney-related problem, but if you are gaining two kilos in a single night, it is more likely that it is due to extra bloating and puffiness.

So now you know that there is no connection between over-hydration, under-hydration and water weight, and while the first two require medical help, normal bloating can be reduced with the help of some tips.

How To Get Rid Of Water Retention And Water Weight?

Some special tips can help you to reduce water weight like (Source)

Water Retention and water weight
Water Retention And Water Weight

Drink the right amount of water

If your water weight is increasing, then it could also be due to drinking less water. We should drink at least 8 cups of water every day, and this is because our kidneys hold water to dilute the biological fluids, and if there is too much salt in the body, then there will be a condition like constant dehydration in the kidney and if you do not follow your daily diet. If the water consumption is maintained, there will be no water retention, and the kidney will operate properly.

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Do exercise regularly

Physical effort is also necessary to reduce water weight,  and you will not only lose a little water through sweat, but it will also make you thirsty, and the extra water that the body needs will be balanced. It not only helps in reducing weight but also eliminates puffiness.

Eat Juicy / watery fruits and food

Hydration is also needed to reduce water retention, bloating, puffiness, and you should include such fruits and vegetables in your diet, which are rich in water and do not allow bloating. Foods like strawberries, Watermelon, Cabbage, Celery, Spinach, Cucumber, etc., will benefit you.

Reduce salt intake

To overcome the lack of water from the body, you also have to reduce salt intake. If there is more sodium in the diet, then the amount of salt in the body will increase further, and there will be a condition like dehydration in the kidney. Excess junk foods increase sodium, and in this way, there is water retention, and water weight also increases.

You should take foods rich in potassium in your diet, which can help you in this. If your problem is big and you feel that these tips are not solved, contact the doctor. Sometimes bloating that persists for a long time can indicate a much bigger disease.

We endeavor to bring you the right information through our articles, but still, before trying any home remedy, fitness tip or hack, you must consult your doctor. For any feedback or complaints, feel free to contact

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