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Flu vaccine or flu shots-types, benefits, side effects and all information

What is flu? What is Influenza? What is flu vaccine? Who should get vaccinated? Types of flu vaccines, Can I get the flu from the flu vaccine? Side effects of flu vaccine, Risk of Influenza, Treatment of flu or influenza, what is Fluzone Quadrivalent vaccine? What is sanofi flu vaccine? Today you will surely find answers […]

4 Most Effective Birth Control Methods: Implant, Ring, Sponge & IUD

4 Most Effective Birth Control Methods: Implant, Ring, Sponge & IUD: There are number of options available nowadays for birth control but most of us are always confused about what to choose. What’s best among the available birth control method? and its effect is different from person to person. Don’t worry read the full article, […]

Menstrual cup How to Use, Advantages, Precaution

Menstrual cup How to Use, Advantages, Precaution: In this 21st Century, when we all think that we all are now becoming more mature, confident and responsible, but still especially in India Topic related to Periods, Maturation and female hygiene are matters to hide or awkward. Even today, it is in the minds of many educated […]

Feminine Hygiene Routine and Tips

Feminine Hygiene Routine and Tips: Feminine Hygiene is very important for every woman in many ways. This not only keeps yourself healthy. But also protects them from various types of infections and also boosts their confidence. Every woman, irrespective of her age, wants to look fabulous, but it is not possible to look beautiful and […]

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