Feminine Hygiene Routine and Tips

Feminine Hygiene Routine and Tips: Feminine Hygiene is very important for every woman in many ways. This not only keeps yourself healthy. But also protects them from various types of infections and also boosts their confidence. Every woman, irrespective of her age, wants to look fabulous, but it is not possible to look beautiful and attractive without cleaning herself.  So we are providing you some hacks that you incorporated into your daily routine to make sure your intimate area is hygiene, clean and healthy all day around

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Feminine Hygiene Routine and Tips
Feminine Hygiene Routine and Tips

Eliminate odors

The internal part odor is as common as your body odor even when you are taking care of yourself and it’s caused due to overgrowth of bacteria in your private area, to get rid of it mix a half spoon of Alum (in Hindi Fitkari) in a glass of water and drink up. Alum stops the growth by preventing the bacteria to grip the wall which is one of the reasons for the odor. Only that it prevents bacteria also manages excessive discharge and odor.

Hair or Bare

Few ladies want to and some favor not to, both are totally fine. Pubic provide dirt and microscopic organic from entering that area and shield it from skin damage. However, if you don’t clean up or wash your hair properly, it can smell so the best remedy is to clean it with the coconut oil which acts as a natural antibacterial.

Hair or Bare

As crazy as it sounds that you don’t need to wear underwear at night to enable your private part to breath and reduces a chance of developing a yeast of infection.

Prevention = Protection

As much as we hate experience of that time of the month and being obsessively clean on your period that actually help. It can be very intimidating by changing your pads, tampons and menstrual cups in every few hours and shower every so often can make sure your that area remains healthy. In addition to that dabbing Neem powder on that area and using an intimate hygiene wash on your daily basis will give you an added protection from yeast infection

Eat Right

Maintaining a good healthy diet can do both your x part and body. Foods like yogurt are great for your gut as it promotes private area health as it contains good bacteria that balance your pH level and wards of infection. If you are more to UTI than Cranberry supplements and juices can actually help.

Douching Yes or No

Douching is when you spray water up in that area to keep it clean. This spraying action can actually ruin the necessary action by eliminating good bacteria, it can also cause the overgrowth of harmful bacteria that can to Yeast infection. Our x area knows how to keep clean so let your body do the work and make sure your practice right feminine hygiene.

To pee or not to pee before X

Not peeing before you have fun can push the bacteria up in your x area and this can lead to UTI. So empty your bladder before you have slept with the husband will make sure your bacteria can drive out through your urethra. Now all you have to do to find the way to incorporate this bathroom habit before things get going to the bedrooms.

So give your body a dose of these routines and tips and you never have to worry about smelling downs there.

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