Breastfeeding Techniques & Breastfeeding Position for New Born

Breastfeeding Techniques Steps & Breastfeeding Position for New Born

Before understanding the breastfeeding technique step by step, it is important for us to know what is the breastfeeding technique called? Or What are breastfeeding techniques?

The breastfeeding technique is the process in which it is ensured that the baby is able to take the mother’s milk properly as well as the position of the mother is correct so that there is no hindrance to the baby to suckling mother’s milk. And mother doesn’t face any difficulties in sitting as well. Breastfeeding is an essential phase for all mothers. As a mother, you always want the best for your baby. For some mothers, breastfeeding is smooth, while some face many challenges.

Breastfeeding is a natural act or phenomenon, but it is not instinctual and must be learned.When a mother is aware of the steps of effective BFT, she can prevent and handle most of the problems that may arise during breastfeeding . When attachment and positioning are achieved on the first and early feeds, the majority of difficulties can be avoided.

Find out some breastfeeding techniques

Breastfeeding Techniques & Breastfeeding Position for New Born
Latching/Flipple Technique -Breastfeeding Position for New Born

Latching / Flipple Technique

Latching is an essential part of breastfeeding. The baby needs to latch correctly. The baby will get better feed if she has a proper latch. Unlatch immediately if you are feeling pain. It also helps to avoid sore nipples.

While latching, ensure your baby takes in a large part of the areola. Hold your breast while your baby is feeding. It also helps in better latching.

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Signs of a Good Latch

You can find out if your baby has latched on well if he opens his mouth wide, the areola is seen more above the baby’s lips than below, baby pauses between suckling breast milk.

Breastfeeding Positions

Choosing the proper feeding position is ideal as you have to feed the baby for long hours. Make sure you and your baby are comfortable with the position.

Breastfeeding Positions
Breastfeeding Position for New Born

Here are some feeding positions you can try. These are not limited. You can choose other positions as well. The main thing to keep in mind is comfort.

Laid back Position

This is the best position for newborn babies. You have good control. You can rest on your back. Your baby’s instincts and reflexes can help him crawl to the nipple and latch on all by himself with little help from you.  Resting against the wall or keeping a pillow for your back will be more comfortable for you and your baby. Your baby is now lying on you, his front on your front, with a blanket over the two of you for warmth. Now your hands are free to caress your baby. This position also helps in improving the bond with your baby. Make sure your back, head and shoulders are not strained. Use a feeding pillow for better comfort

Football Position

With this nursing position, you will be holding your baby on either one of your sides. This is a great position for Mothers who have just had a Caesarean section. The position is mainly used only until baby learns to latch on well. Keeping a feeding pillow helps a lot

Steps for Football Position

  • Baby should be at breast height. You could place your baby on feeding pillow
  • Your baby should be under the same arm as the breast that is being fed to your baby.
  • Your forearm should be positioned up to the length of her baby’s back.
  • Baby’s head should be supported.
  • Hold your breast in a u shape. It makes it easier for babies to latch.
  • Make sure your shoulders and back are relaxed.

Breast Pump

Breast pumps are useful if supply of milk is more or you are a working mother. You can pump in advance and store in freezer and thaw later to feed your baby. Lot of breast pumps are available in market. Choose the one that is convenient for you.

Burping position for baby

It is very important to burp your baby after every feed or in-between feeds before changing breasts. Baby swallows air while feeding and hence needs to be burped.

Burping position for baby
Burping position for baby

There are two ways to burp

  1. Placing the baby in an upright position and gently pat on the back holding the head.
  2. Placing baby on your shoulders and patting gently on the back.

Nipple shield

Nipple shield is used for babies who are finding it difficult to latch. Mothers with inverted nipples can also use nipple shield. You can cover it over your nipple and help baby to latch on to the shield. Your baby will find it easier to latch on.

Remember that nipple shield should not be used for long. Keep offering your nipples in between so that baby learns to latch on to you.

Tips for breastfeeding

  • Do not worry if breast milk comes out late
  • Have skin to skin contact with your baby before feeding.
  • Sore nipples can cause a lot of pain. Tend to them before beginning to feed.
  • Drink lot of water.
  • Take the help of lactation consultant for any doubts that you have on breastfeeding.
  • Do not worry too much about supply of milk

Remember that each baby is different. Feeding varies with babies. Stay patient and positive. Happy feeding!!

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