Do you know about the benefits of Juniper Oil or Hapusha oil?

Do you know about the benefits of Juniper Oil or Hapusha oil? Juniper or Hapusha essential oil is a great thing. This gives many benefits to health. Let us know what are the benefits for your health.

Essential oils benefit our overall health in many ways. Juniper essential oil is one of the essential oils among all, which is very beneficial for health due to its properties. It has antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, rubefacient etc. properties, which give us relief in one form or the other. Juniper is used in many industries. Even alcoholic drinks like gin use it for flavoring. Originating in Europe, this evergreen shrub is famous for its health benefits. Let us know what are the benefits you get from this.

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Benefits of Juniper Oil or Hapusha oil
Benefits of Juniper Oil or Hapusha oil

Good for Muscles and Teeth

Juniper contains astringent properties that help in curing toothache. It also strengthens your gums. If the grip of your gums is strong, then the teeth can also avoid loosening or falling out. It also strengthens loose muscles. This property can also be used to cure diarrhea. Juniper essential oil can cause blood vessels to contract and thus reduce the chances of bleeding.

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Increases blood circulation

It has rubefacient properties, which means that it is an agent that increases the glow of your face. When applied to the rest of the body as well, it increases blood circulation under the skin, making the skin healthy. Having the right blood circulation also gets rid of many skin problems. However, it should not be applied in excessive amounts, otherwise, it may cause irritation.

Juniper Oil or Hapusha oil
Juniper Oil or Hapusha oil

Beneficial for stomach problems

Juniper oil is beneficial for the stomach. It helps a lot in curing stomach disorders and ulcers. Juniper oil ensures proper flow of bile, gastric juice and acid to the stomach for digestion.

Sometimes, due to prolonged acidity, the inner lining of the stomach gets damaged and eventually ulcers form. Juniper oil can help you avoid this condition as it maintains the secretion of bile in the stomach. Pitta is alkaline in nature and neutralizes acids.

Relieves gas problem

Carminative agents found in juniper or hapusha oil help reduce gas from the stomach and intestines. Flatulence or excess gas in the body can cause pain, indigestion and discomfort in our chest, increase blood pressure, cause heart diseases and give severe abdominal pain. Due to acidity etc., stomach cramps start, which can be cured with juniper oil. Some people are suffering from the problem of gas for a long time, it is beneficial for them too.

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Panacea for overall health

We all know about health tonic? Juniper oil works as a natural health tonic, as it is very beneficial for the body’s muscles, tissues, skin and stomach disorders. It helps in the proper functioning of the Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous, Digestive etc.

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