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Hello Readers! My name is Siyajit from Delhi. Glad to know you about my and Profession and Passion. By Profession, I am a Researcher and by Passion, I am a Voice over artist and a Blogger. My laptop is my lifeline as I spend almost 16 hrs a day (actually nights) Regularly.

I started writing a blog in 2011 and worked (part-time) with numbers of prestigious blog sites. I Spent almost 12 yrs of my life in Data Analysis and Research but after getting married and becoming a mother of 2 adorable kids now I started to fulfill my passion.

Since my teenage I was not in favor of makeup and cosmetics products even my mother never ever allowed me to buy any makeup products, she always promotes to use natural products for face and hair. Till my marriage, I never ever tried facial. For getting a good facial with the natural ingredients she taught me to use Kasturi Haldi and Chandan powder mask and for skin exfoliation, I used to apply wheat flour and sugar grains. That is why I have a very good knowledge of Natural home tips for skin and hair.

I like cooking, Writing Poems and spending time (working) on PC. I am very good in SEO and Website Design.  

How do I start using skincare products?

After my first pregnancy in 2014, I got pigmentation and dark spots, so I started using market products but still, I prefer to buy natural ingredients products. I wanted to start my personal blog site in 2018 but I took almost 6 months to choose my Website name i.e. Femslate.com This is a very unique name, isn’t it?  and I am very much emotionally attached to it.

Still, I use very minimal makeup even I use makeup during the party or function time. Throughout the day I use the only moisturizer and during the night I use vitamin E or almond oil regularly. That’s why I write only 2-3 blogs in a month as my mantra is “First Use Then Write” and I strictly follow this.

About the FemSlate.com

Female are the future of the Society that why FemSlate.com is fully dedicated to the women of Today. We believe every woman has something to share, raise and every woman has something to learn, teach.

On FemSlate.com you’ll find everything which you can think of, you’ll find yourself to open up. Readers will get all about the stories of fellow readers and everyday people who share their journeys toward their life, thought, feeling and health. FemSlate.com assures you that you find real you after getting plenty of health information, living ideas and inspiration here and leave feeling refreshed and well-equipped.

If you have any query, suggestion feel free to contact through femslate1@gmail.com with the title “About Me”.

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