7 Best Business Magazines in India

7 Best Business Magazines in India: There is a combination of the readers’ interest in quality editorial content and design combined with advertising in business magazines in India. Their achievements, the leadership of the business leaders, and various aspects of running a business make them stand out from other business magazines.

In the eyes of the authors, professionally designed and attractive designs make brands’ editions stand out. Isn’t that the ultimate goal? Regular editions of the top business magazines in India concentrate on industries such as finance, taxes, law, accounting, technology, business process outsourcing and business process management, property, and people. The top 10 business magazines in India are listed below:


Entrepreneur Business Magazine is one of the most famous business magazines and websites in the United States. It has been publishing news about entrepreneurship and business since its first publication in 1977. The best business magazine publishes ten issues a year in countries like Mexico, Russia, Hungary, the Philippines, South Africa, and others. Globally, they have shared insights, advice, profiles, and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Best Business Magazines in India
Best Business Magazines in India

Business India

In 1978, Ashok Hotchand Advani, Hirro Advani, and Rajkumar Advani founded Business India. A magazine primarily focused on business news.

They started by publishing the best business magazine in India. Originally in English, they have now become the leading name among the best business publications in India; the list is also given in other Indian languages.


Forbes business Magazine is the first name that comes to mind when discussing the best business magazines in the world. The American business magazine publishes articles biweekly on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. With headquarters in India, Jew Jersey, it has significantly contributed to the industry’s views. Forbes India is a part of the franchise from start-ups to corporate giants and showcases various industries.  

Business Today (India)

In addition, Business Today magazine, India’s largest circulated fortnightly, makes the list of the best business magazines in India. Founded in 1992, Business Today India has ruled the business world for decades.

It is well known for publishing the most relevant reports of business typography in liberalised India. The magazine provides information about the economy, business, and society.

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Outlook Business Magazine

Outlook Business Magazine is an important name in the industry today, as it has established leadership and offers insightful perspectives on the business environment. This includes the key aspects that are being acknowledged, such as the financial framework, budgetary industry, stock finance, fund, cash, etc. Globally renowned for its boundless business scope, the multinational award winner has inspired various data destinations.

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Fortune Magazine is also an American international business publication based in New York City. This magazine is published by Fortune Media Group Holdings, owned by a Thai businessman and published since 1929. Among the best business magazines in India, Entrepreneur is one of the best in the world. This business magazine, founded by Henry Luc, is a significant competitor of Forbes. Forbes India provides news and analysis on business, finance, and corporate strategy.

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The CEO Magazine

A name that has been associated with more than 3000 CEOs in recent times is The CEO Magazine or TCM. One of India’s fastest-growing business magazines is a preferred mag by many. The magazine’s service is offered to the businesses and leaders of different industries in India every month. It gives readers in-depth coverage of luxury, travel, health, technology, and business reviews.

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