4 Best & Effective Home Remedies For Cold in Babies

Home Remedies For Cold in BabiesBest & Effective

Cold is not only irritating, but it makes the baby slow and sluggish. In the initial months of the baby’s journey, a cold comes and goes in a short bout, leaving the baby unwell.  Home remedies for cold for baby are tools to explore. Cold is a type of infection which remains from 7 days to 15 days majorly. Usually, medication given to babies during cold is based on salt like Ambroxol Hydrochloride.

First, we know that there is no immediate cure for a cold. It usually gets better on its own. By taking care of some important things, a child suffering from cold and cough can feel comfortable. Try not to make your child feel uncomfortable with anything in the house. If he doesn’t feel like eating, don’t force him. During this, you give him lukewarm water and feed him light nutritious food, nose drops or saline nose spray

Home Remedies For Cold in Babies
Home Remedies for Cold in Babies (image source:istock)

If your baby is having trouble feeding because of a blocked nose, use a ‘rubber suction bulb’ to clear the blocked nose. If the mucus is very thick, use saline nose drops or saline nose spray. The spray goes well into the nasal passages and can be more effective than nasal drops.

Steaming for babies

Steam inhalation is the most effective way to loosen mucus in the nasal passages. Use a facial steamer or vaporizer to circulate steam in your child’s room. For babies under 6 months old, run hot water from the tap in the bathroom and have the child sit in the bathroom for 10 to 15 minutes.

A few drops of eucalyptus oil can also be added to warm water for babies over one year old.

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Garlic and Carom Seeds based Mustard Oil

Unquestionably Garlic and Carom Seeds based mustard oil help baby to soothe. All three ailments are antibacterial, which act as an effective home remedy against cold. The preparation is easy, and one needs to add Garlic and Carom Seeds in Mustard oil and heat it. Once the ingredients turn to another shade and the aroma of cooking starts, it is ready to use. Cool it and rub it on the baby’s chest and under the feet. The oil should be warm while applying to the baby.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric has an antibacterial ability which helps to get rid of cold. To make the paste of dry turmeric piece, first, the turmeric piece needs to be partially burnt and then it is to be turned into the paste. This paste can be applied above the link line of the nose.  Turmeric paste should be used carefully as it can generate irritation if it comes in contact with a baby’s eye.

Other than the above cold can be handled by using

  • Saline Water – It is simply salt water which loosens the mucus.
  • Humidifier – It helps to provide moisture in the room and when baby inhales the air it helps baby to recover from cold.
  • Breast Milk – Breast milk itself is a most nourishing remedy, it fights the cold.

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Mild Cold Symptoms

  • A sore throat             
  • A Runny Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Mild Fever
  • Puffed breathing
  • Drowsiness and irritation


  • Before preparing the home remedy, hands should be washed properly so that the possibility of germs can be eliminated.
  • For the home, remedy sterilized or boiled water should be used to eliminate the possibility of germs.
  • Utensils for preparation should be cleaned properly.

An excess home remedy should be appropriately stored. Rest should be dumped if a home remedy can be used only once. Please consult your doctor first to start any medicine or remedy.

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